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GPF Slab | GPF Rate | GPF Deduction in Rajasthan

GPF Subscription Slabs

Every Account holder shall be required to compulsorily deposit every month the following amounts out of his pay bill drawn through treasury. As per the Rates prescribed by the government from time to time.

Rates prescribed by the Government from March, 2018

Sl. No.Pay drawn in Pay MatrixGPF Rate as on Oct 2017 in Rs.GPF Rate as on March 2018 in Rs.
1Upto Rs. 23100/-500.001,450.00
2Rs. 23101/- to 28500/-650.001,625.00
3Rs. 28501/- to 38500/-1,100.002,100.00
4Rs. 38501/- to 51500/-1,450.002,850.00
5Rs. 51501/- to 62000/-2,100.003,575.00
6Rs. 62001/- to 72000/-3,000.004,200.00
7Rs. 72001/- to 80000/-4,100.004,800.00
8Rs. 80001/- to 116000/-5,200.006,150.00
9Rs. 116001/- to 167000/-5,700.008,900.00
10167001/- and Above6,200.0010,500.00